Mindful Strides

Healthy running with Marilyn Arsenault.

The brainchild of top Masters runner Marilyn Arsenault, Mindful Strides is an innovative approach to healthy running. How we run matters and it takes work to engrain good habits. Through classes and coaching, Mindful Strides runners increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injuries that can interrupt training at any level. The results? Effortless strides, improved performance and a return to the pure joy of running for a lifetime.

Inhale, exhale, into awareness. Running offers excellent training for the practice of concentration and mindfulness. Following the breath, thinking fades. Attention is undisturbed, a sense of spacious awareness opens. Inhale, exhale, concentrate, let go. Join us for a unique blend of mindful exercise and contemplation with renowned instructors Michael Stone and Marilyn Arsenault. This retreat includes daily yoga, meditation, and creative running techniques, with time for simple meditative trail running. Learn to ingrain good habits, to develop a daily running and mindfulness practice, and how to balance effort with stillness. No experience required. Everyone welcome.
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